About Us

Reviving Faith

In early 2020, a group of people began talking about churches in small towns where many of us grew up and still live. Those places deeply formed us, and we sensed that hope might be waning in the face of massive change. Houses of Hope became our response. The church holds real hope for the world, and we want to be part of keeping it alive.

Hope's Evolution

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary was founded in 1902 when Austin itself was a small town on the frontier. Since then, the Seminary has adapted to many changes, always remaining steadfast to the mission of educating people for Christian ministry and serving the church. Houses of Hope, a project of Education Beyond the Walls at Austin Seminary, invests in meeting the emerging needs of congregations in new times.

Our Leadership

Hope Table

Hope Table is a group of pastors, facilitators, and leaders from Education Beyond the Walls who shape the Houses of Hope project. They engage in ongoing practices of gratitude and forgiveness and find themselves surprised to keep discovering hope. They serve as Guides for the discernment process and Coaches for Building Hope. Melissa Wiginton, Vice President for Education Beyond the Walls, directs Hope Table’s work and gives leadership to the Houses of Hope project.