Our Process

What Is A House of Hope?

Becoming a House of Hope starts with discernment–listening for a call to transformation. Then the congregation enters a guided process of practicing gratitude and forgiveness which over time leads to healing and growth through the power of authenticity and hope.
  • Refresh the way you bring gratitude and forgiveness into your daily life and community
  • Rediscover what hope looks like in your congregation
  • Renew and build toward an engaged future

How is a House of Hope Built?

You need a committed group, dedicated time, willingness to try some new things, and openness to what may emerge. Once you join the Houses of Hope community, you have access to Building Hope, the learning structure that grows to include your neighbors; a coach to accompany you; and a community of other congregations for mutual development.  It all starts in our community. 

During the initial, one-year program, participants will learn to:

Have genuine love
for who they are

Focus on the present

Ask different questions

Feel less burdened

What does a House of Hope look like?